Residents of Atwater


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Alex, Rich & Eliza
Residents since 2003

“What we love most about Atwater Village is how neighborly and social folks are here. You get the feeling of a small town in Atwater -- everyone knows everyone (or so it seems) and has a shared pride in our scrappy awesome little section of LA. And it's a great place to raise a kid!”

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Resident since 2005

“What I love most about Atwater Village is that it is "home".  It's like a slice of small town U.S.A. with a dose of open-minded liberalness and friendly neighborhood charm, all within minutes to the urban center of DTLA.”

Feature 1

Resident since 2012

“The sense of community and hominess you feel the moment you drive into the area ... that is what LA is all about. Also, love how accessible Glendale blvd. is.  Proof, Canele and Tacos villa Corona are highly frequented by us.”

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Resident since 2011

"I love Atwater because I love being able to walk to everything I need, including friends, family, food, and fun. I love living near the river, it's great to have geographic boundaries in a city of sprawl."


Rob, Shannin & Reznor
Residents since 2009

“We love the proximity to Downtown, work and Link N Hops.  You really can't beat the location; it's so central.  And the Atwater Village Mom's Group is the best --- a great support system of wonderful parents we are now happy to call friends.”


Businesses of Atwater

Feature 1

DTOX DAY SPA, Established 2006
Cary Mock & Ken King

"Atwater Village is such a friendly, warm neighborhood!  We bought our first house in Atwater Village in 2001.  We love that we actually KNOW and interact with all of our neighbors, and that the community is richly diverse.  It’s wonderful to be able to walk to the shops, restaurants/cafes, bars and spa, walk along the river with our dogs, and be so close to all that LA has to offer. It has retained that quaint, historical, old-Hollywood vibe - what so many people seem to connect with.  We are proud to be a part of this community."

Feature 2

LINK N HOPS, Established 2012
Andy Hasroun

“I love the family feel it has, village feel, safe, supportive, and the pride everyone takes in their neighborhood."

Feature 3

THE TAM O'SHANTER, Established 1922
John Lindquist, GM

“I love Atwater village because Atwater provides all the comforts of a big city in a quiet, safe neighborhood. Running a 92-year old restaurant in Atwater has afforded me the opportunity to get to know our neighbors, their family and friends. That sense of community and closeness makes Atwater an amazing place to live and run a business.”