Atwater Village is perhaps best known as a walkable neighborhood. From coffee shops and farm stands to hair salons and dry cleaners --- the businesses of Los Feliz, Glendale and Fletcher offer residents most everything they need.  Better yet, the local, independently-owned businesses suit the village vibe and help further the sense of community.



More-or-less a neighborhood on a grid, most Atwater Village residents find themselves with a basic, rectangular lot.   But what they do with their outdoor space is as diverse as the neighbors themselves.   Unique examples of community green thumbs include extreme xeriscaping, urban farming and outdoor entertaining.




Largely developed in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, Atwater Village is known for its vintage architecture.  Residents take enormous pride in maintaining the charm and individual character of their homes, which contributes to the historic feel of the neighborhood.  It's no wonder that TV shows and films often use Atwater Village as their go-to spot to depict the quintessential vintage neighborhood.